Dear Friends,

I have been entrusted with some new information to share with all humanity. It is information with the potential to help turn the tide from global breakdown to global breakthrough. In order to receive this information, it will be helpful to breathe deeply while reading it and there are a handful of reminders to do so.. The information, itself, is very deep and you may need to read it in small bites. It begins at the very beginning with the Big Bang theory of the universe.

The Big Bang is the name given to the commonly held view of how the observable universe began. Discoveries in astronomy and physics have conclusively shown that our universe did in fact have a beginning. According to the theory, the current universe emerged from a black hole approximately 13.7 billion years ago. Experts say it was not an explosion, as the name suggests, but an expansion. Rather than imagining something exploding and releasing its contents in all directions, you can perhaps imagine a tiny bubble suddenly beginning to expand from something infinitesimally small into the vastness of our current universe. Scientific evidence indicates, by the way, that the universe is still expanding to this very day.

It is inaccurate to think of the Big Bang as something that happened somewhere in space. According to many scientists, nothing observable existed prior to the Big Bang. There was no such thing as space. The theory states that space, itself, came into being as a result of the Big Bang. And so did matter and time and everything else. So if the Big Bang did not happen in space, then where did it happen? And the answer is we don’t know! (We can conjecture that it happened in a parallel, unobservable universe, or another dimension, but such conjecture is scientifically meaningless.)

Black holes themselves are something of a mystery. It is theorized one is created when a massive star, much bigger than the Sun, collapses down to a single point of zero volume (invisibility). In the process, the star is compacted under intense gravitational pressure into something inconceivably small, infinitely dense and extremely hot. The scientific community calls this creative something a ‘singularity’ and it has an important role to play in the new information.

According to the Big Bang theory, 13.7 billion years ago, give or take a few years, one particular black hole suddenly, and for no known reason, underwent a rapid, exponential expansion unleashing its profound creative potential and evolving into our universe. Metaphorically, one can think of a small acorn undergoing an instantaneous expansion into a thousand year old oak tree to get a sense of what happened when the universe first began. The theory says nothing about where the black hole existed, and what, if anything, preceded it. But what proceeded from it is the universe as we know it today, including you and me and every being that’s ever lived.

Are you breathing deeply?

Now let’s fast-forward from 13.7 billion years ago to the 1940’s when some scientists began looking for evidence of the Big Bang in our present universe. They reasoned that if the universe was initially very hot, as the Big Bang theory suggests, there should be evidence of this heat in the current universe. In 1964, two astronomers named Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, using a radio telescope, inadvertently discovered the existence of what they called a Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR)* which pervaded the observable universe (it was everywhere) and was direct evidence for the Big Bang theory. Even though the space between stars and galaxies appears to be pitch black with an optical telescope, with a radio telescope, Penzias and Wilson found the existence of a faint glow, a radiance, in space that was not associated with light from any star or other object. They were able to measure the warmth of this radiance at 2.725 degrees on the Kelvin scale. In 1978, Penzias and Wilson were given the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery.

*According to Wikipedia, the CMBR is radiation left over from an early stage in the evolution of the universe, and its discovery is considered evidence of the Big Bang model of the universe. When the universe was young, before the formation of stars and planets, it was smaller, much hotter, and filled with a uniform glow. As the universe expanded, the radiation filling it grew cooler. When the universe cooled enough, stable atoms could form. The spectrum of this radiation peaks in the microwave range frequency of 160.2 GHz, corresponding to a 1.9 mm wavelength.

Now, here’s where it really gets interesting. Penzias and Wilson perceived this cosmic radiation existing in the “background” of the universe. They also referred to it as a “remnant” of the Big Bang. The scientific community still speaks of this warm glow as a ‘remnant’ in the ‘background’ of space. By using these terms, scientists have given the impression that this radiance is insignificant apart from providing evidence for the Big Bang theory. If they suspected that the radiance played a vital role in the big scheme of things, namely the creation and evolution of our universe, would they have called it merely a remnant? And the possibility that this radiance might actually be the foreground of what is happening in our universe, and not the background, has apparently eluded the scientific community.

Nearly all scientists agree this radiance that pervades our universe is an extension of the original singularity from before the Big Bang took place. It is not much of a leap in faith to say, then, that the radiance might be an integral aspect of the creative impulse that manifested the universe to begin with and is still acting today as the universe continues to expand and evolve. Could it be that everything that was, is or ever shall be, in some way, owes its existence to this radiance? Could this radiance perhaps be the generator of consciousness itself? And could it be that the awareness of this radiance as sensation in our own bodies is our connection to the creative impulse that gave birth to the universe in the first place? All of these possibilities have either been overlooked or disregarded by the scientific community. There is much yet to be revealed.

Are you breathing deeply?

The new information suggests that the CMBR is actually the observable dimension of the creative impulse which generated our current universe, essentially out of nothing, and continues to influence everything that happens. Seen in this light, the CMBR is related to what Ervin Laszlo, the great Hungarian philosopher of science, calls the “Akashic Field”, a field of information that contains and materializes the blueprint for the evolving universe.

You may be wondering what, if anything, all of this has to do with your day to day existence. First of all, since the radiance pervades the observable universe, it must be present in our physical bodies as well as everywhere else. In light of this fact, listen to the words in the following two quotes: “There is a light within a person that can shine on the whole world” from the Gospel of Thomas, one of the Nag Hammadi texts; and “There is a light that shines brighter than the sun. It is the light within your own heart.” from the Upanishads, a collection of philosophical texts in India. It makes perfect sense to say these beautiful words are referring to the cosmic radiance discovered by Penzias and Wilson. We experience this radiance in our body as warm sensations that can reach orgasmic proportions. In fact, it is the awareness of these sensations that is the human experience of unconditional love. Check it out for yourself. Take some moments to breathe deeply, relax and feel the love you have for someone in your life. Pay attention to the physical sensations of loving. Doesn’t love feel like a warm radiance in your body?

Are you breathing deeply?

The universe has been expanding from whatever it was as a black hole (the mysterious singularity) to whatever it is now and whatever it will be as it continues to expand. In the grand design of the cosmos, it seems highly likely that the creative impulse had some cosmic purpose in creating the marvel of the human body. If so, there is an ultimate purpose for our existence as human beings. Could it be that the human body is not only a repository for the cosmic radiance, as all forms are, but a repository for invisible fragments of the original singularity that did not evolve into radiance in the early stages of the universe? And could it be that the ultimate purpose of having a human body is to process these hot, dense, invisible fragments of the singularity in a way that allows them to evolve into radiance?

According to the new information, the answer to each of these questions is a resounding ‘YES!’ Here is how the whole scheme works. Every time you get unhappy or upset about anything, if you focus on what’s happening in your body, you will find some unpleasant sensations stirring there. At these times, you might say you feel irritated, annoyed, angry; or you feel disappointed, depressed, sorrowful; or you feel anxious, troubled, fearful. Historically, you have attributed the cause of such sensations to your current circumstances or, after Freud, to unresolved traumatic events from the past. Psychologists and psychiatrists have seen the causes of unhappiness stemming from events in childhood, infancy, birth, prenatal life, and even past lives and archetypal memories from the collective unconscious. But according to this new information, the unpleasant sensations you feel when you get unhappy are actually caused by fragments of dense, hot, invisible singularity that have somehow found their way into your body. How they might have gotten there is unknown and is not important; what is important is to start seeing your times of unhappiness and emotional upset in an impersonal way.

These invisible fragments of density (darkness) trapped in your body are waiting to evolve into radiance (light). Like the CMBR, they are creative. Not only do they create unpleasant, emotionally charged sensations in your body, they also create at a mental level. In fact, every thought you have about your unhappiness (upset), for example, what is causing it, who’s to blame for it, what it means and so forth, are creations of the density itself. Thus it is impossible for a dense fragment of the singularity to evolve into radiance unless you dismiss all such thoughts from your mind. All mental explanations and justifications of emotional upsets come from ‘the dark side’ to use the StarWars vernacular. They serve no purpose other than to interrupt the process whereby the density (darkness) can evolve into radiance (light). They do this by distracting you from experiencing the unpleasant sensations in your body which must be felt and allowed to move in order for density to evolve into radiance.

If you recall, the original singularity that expanded into our universe had three distinct characteristics; intense heat, unimaginable density, and zero volume (invisibility). When you are feeling sensations you call anger, you are actually experiencing the intense heat of a singularity fragment in your body. And when you are feeling sensations you call sorrow (grief, sadness, loneliness, etc.), you are experiencing the extreme density (heaviness) of a singularity fragment in your body. And when you are feeling sensations you call fear (anxiety), you are experiencing the invisibility (non-existence) of an internal singularity fragment. At times like these, nothing personal is going on. Whenever you get unhappy or upset, what is actually happening is an opportunity to fulfill the ultimate purpose of your existence, namely to allow fragments of the unevolved singularity to evolve into light (radiance). And that’s all that’s going on!

To reiterate, it is in times of unhappiness and emotional upset that we have the opportunity to fulfill the ultimate purpose of having a human body which is to allow fragments of density trapped in our bodies to evolve into radiance. This is our true cosmic vocation and the way to do the job is by living holotropically. The term ‘holotropic’ was coined by Stanislav Grof, M.D., the great Czech psychooanalyst, philosopher and researcher of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Literally, the term means “moving toward wholeness.” Grof recognized that there are certain emotionally charged states that, when we surrender to them, transform our lives in a positive way. In his words, “We realize our own divinity and our essential deep connection with other people, nature, and all life.”

To live holotropically is to experience emotional upsets in a new way. It is to address every disturbance in your being with a sense of gratitude for it. It is to connect your awareness and breath with any unpleasant, emotionally charged sensations that are present in your body. It is to welcome them, lean into them and experience them fully. It is to stop focusing on mental explanations of what you are feeling and let your voice make the full sound of what you are feeling. It is to let your body move freely with the waves of emotion as they arise and subside. It is in this way that fragments of the singularity evolve into radiance.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, the universe will richly reward you for doing this job. Once there are no more fragments of unevolved density in your body, you will never be unhappy or upset again. You will have more radiance in your body which means a greater likelihood of experiencing unconditional love. And in addition, a great amount of energy is liberated when a fragment of the singularity evolves into radiance and that energy becomes available to you for the creative enjoyment of your life.

Are you breathing deeply?

The fact is that we do not live in a universe of solid matter locatable in space. The scientists, themselves, have been telling us this for years. To think of ourselves as separate from one another is like thinking the colors of a rainbow are separate or the notes of a Beethoven symphony are separate. And yet, the whole of human history, apart from the lives of precious few, is founded on the assumption of a universe of solid matter existing in space. Now it is time to give up our understandings and points of view rooted in this erroneous assumption. It’s time to stop taking things personally. And it’s time to stop paying attention to what we think is happening and focus on the physical sensations that are our organic response to life. Sensations are not only our connection to the present moment but our connection to the creative impulse toward expansion in the universe. It’s time to start participating in our own lives in alignment with the unlimited creative potential that gave birth to the universe to begin with. We are that powerful. Our moment to moment sensations are the internal facts of life. By bringing our breath and awareness to them, we end up having a sensational life

Are you breathing deeply? The cosmic radiance, which we experience in our bodies as unconditional love, is also present in the air. The more air you take into your lungs with every breath, the easier it is to live in the radiance.

It is time, now, for people everywhere to huddle together on a regular basis and support one another in the holotropic process described above. We need to create safe places where we can open our breathing, open our voices and open our hearts and minds to what we feel at an emotional level. We need to remind one another to let go of our mental explanations and simply express what we feel. By expressing what we feel through our voices, the internal fragments of density evolve into radiance. In the process, we put an end to our times of unhappiness and lovelessness. We remove the restrictions that have prevented us from loving one another and having a sensational life. It’s time to anchor our awareness on the cosmic radiance in our bodies and extend love to one another unconditionally. The radiance is the only thing that matters and living holotropically is the fastest way to it.

Our individual lives are not important except for our impact on others. When we adhere to thoughts which evaluate, analyze, explain or worry about what is happening, we eliminate the possibility of connecting with another in the mutual awareness of the cosmic radiance. When we are consciously connected to the radiance in our own body, our impact on others is always toward wholeness.

In a fundamental way, the only ‘thing’ that is ever happening is that the universe is expanding. Everything that appears to be happening is actually the result of that expansion. In the grand scheme of things, we are all innocent. We’ve only been ignorant of what’s really going on. There is much crying and screaming to be done and lots of loving and laughter to follow. What a great time to be alive.

It is with all humility that I share this information with you. My name is Isaac David Garuda and I welcome your comments on this new information. My email address is